Links to Others

The Wild Idea Preserve recognizes that no idea is truly original.  We would like to acknowledge people and sights that inspire and drive our activities.

Wild Idea Roots
The Santa Fe Institute - The exemplar of modern interdisciplinary research. - Host to our little outpost on the web.
Python - A programming language that enables research by delivering power and elegance.
GNU - The origin of much open and collaborative development.

Wild Idea Spaces

Wiki Wiki Web - Ward Cunningham's little Perl based knowledge base.
WikiWiki: WikiClones - Those that pattern from WikiWiki.
Everything2 - A more and accountable moderated idea space.
Everything Development Company - The source for everything.

Wild Code Preserves

SourceForge - Write some open source, get a whole bunch of resources for free.
SourceXchange - Want some open source? Write a project and fund it.
Cosource - Want some open source? Write a project and fund it (see I told you synchronicity happens.)

Wild Idea Communities

Halfbakery - Anyone up for hot crossed ideas?
ShouldExist - "The good twin of Halfbakery."
OpenIdeas - Open ideas for business.

Wild News Places

Slashdot - Who doesn't link to this weblog?
Slashcode - ...and then take the Slashdot code to start their own?
Squishdot - Exactly.  (A Zope based weblog system.) - Bruce Perens' weblog.
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