I am finally making this page Y2K1 compliant and updating it. If you are interested in joining our mail list, it is now accessible from the Spaceship.com Mailmain page. I've been quietly adding project content not previously linked from the main page. I am proud to now add such linkage to the Basil and ANOI projects. I have been avoiding doing this because these projects as yet fail to follow the process outlined in the Projects page. Enjoy! - Jon, 8/3/2001.
There are some new links on the links page. As always, some synchronicity is afoot, and we can't help but talk about it. Enjoy! -Jon, 8/23/2000.
Hey kids! Wanna help out with the ground level building of the Wild Idea Preserve?!?! There is now a mailing list set up on our server that you can join! To start in the fun simply send a message to majordomo@spaceship.com with the text "subscribe wildideas-dev" in the message body. It's just that simple! -Jon, 6/23/2000. [This is no longer valid, see new news. -Jon, 8/3/2001]

Welcome to the Wild Idea Preserve.  We've been looking forward to the year 2000, as this was the target year for our inception.  So, here it is...a small start, but at least we meet our deadlines, hopefully.  Below are some links to initial content.  These are temporary (knock on ASCII) while we pester someone else to actually design a site layout and such.  There is much more in the pipe than what you see here.  If you can't wait to see the real show, drop us a line and join us. - Jon, 1/21/2000.

Last modified 8/3/2001. jriehl.